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GRP Flat Roofing London

GRP Flat Roofing London – there are many reasons to use a GRP flat roofing system that will offer a waterproof solution for your property. Our team of flat roofing experts in London can install all types of GRP flat roofing systems across London and can advise you on what they think is the best product for your individual needs.
Currently, there are various flat roofing solutions available on the market, including EPDM & felt roofing but when it comes to choosing a comprehensive waterproofing system for your flat roof, Kinson & Birch recommend the GRP flat roofing system.

Call Kinson & Birch for a complete GRP Roofing Installation

Our highly experienced and skilled team of roofing contractors have been installing roofing systems for both flat roofing and other general roofing to the London area for a number of years.
When it comes to the installation of a waterproofing system for flat roofing, we would always recommend using a GRP flat roofing system. Our GRP flat roofing service in London is professional and reliable, to get an idea of pricing simply call us direct for a no obligation quote.

If you Have a Flat Roof – you Need GRP Flat Roofing London from Kinson & Birch

We specialize in dealing with the installation of GRP flat roofing London, and at Kinson & Birch we can ensure that your GRP roofing system is installed to the very highest of standards in order to give you a truly effective waterproofing solution to protect your property from leakage. Let’s face it, no one likes paying for repairs to their property, and non more so than repairs that could have been easily avoided with the right choice of product up front.
That is why we highly recommend using a GRP roofing system London for your property in London so that you can be sure that your flat roof has not only the best materials used but that it is also backed up by a manufacturers guarantee for up to 20 years.

The main features and benefits of using a GRP flat roofing product are:

It lasts a long, long time!

The structural waterproofing system is hard wearing and highly durable against the elements for years and years. GRP is so tough, many of the product manufacturers claim that it cannot even be cut by a knife. GRP is also tough enough to take high levels of foot traffic, which is why it is a popular choice for balconies and terraces. The material is also very effective against UV light and does not deteriorate in extremely hot conditions where other flat roofing systems would.
Its impressive specifications make it a much better product than all of its counterparts in terms of performance and with its ling lasting qualities combined, it makes the GRP flat roofing system a superior system.

20 Year Product Guarantee

Retailers of GRP flat roofing systems, such as Cure It, (pictured above) will provide a 20 year guarantee on the materials from the manufacturer, in addition to a guarantee on work from Kinson & Birch. This will enable your roof to be leak free for at least 20 years, according to Cure It, thus providing more reasons to choose a GRP roofing system.

Duraflex Technology

The Duraflex roofing resins and topcoats have been specially designed for superior flexibility – this comes from the enhanced bonding characteristics that go into the design. Having such a high level of flexibility means the product can be used effectively and seamlessly on all types of shaped flat roofs.

All Year Round Coverage

Many products used for the GRP flat roofing system have been adapted for full seasonal variations in temperature in order to enable your roofing contractor to install a GRP roofing system any time of year, even when temperatures are as low as 0°C.